Legal and financial translations by lawyers and finance professionals in new zealand



One word at a time

Combining Language 

And Technical Expertise

A deep understanding of legal and financial concepts, international regulatory systems, and worldwide judiciaries

Legal and financial terminology management through termbases, translation memories, glossaries, style guides, etc. 

Mastering the languages of law and finance also requires technical skills:

Accuracy, consistency, and highly secured IT systems and tools for confidentiality

Excellent project management skills to easily meet tight deadlines


  • Arbitration and litigation

  • International Trade

  • Banking and finance


Private Translations documents, immigration, court cases in new zealand

Private Individual

  • Official documents

  • Immigration

  • Court cases


Corporate translations service in new zealand by WeTranslate

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The 'We Translate' team is made of senior language, legal, and finance professionals who have pooled their knowledge, skills, and resources together to offer multilingual excellence. While the language industry is slowly automatizing their translation process to offer low-cost solutions, we are doing the exact opposite.

When you’re dealing with 'We Translate', you’re dealing with a voice you know on the other end of the phone and a group of colleagues who love getting it exactly right. We craft every single sentence very carefully and we’re a competitive bunch, so you can rest easy knowing we’ll forensically examine and close any potential language loopholes. 

We work with you to define the best translation strategy for you and then we pick a team accordingly from our certified and highly experienced team.

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Sandrine Savarit

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